Beox Professional Keratin transforms frizzy, fried, unruly, damaged, hair into shimmering straight strands, while reconditioning hair back to restored health. The impressive long lasting results and convenient treatment process has created a legion of Beox Professional loyalists internationally.  BEOX Professional is a Brazilian hair care company, specializing in Brazilian Keratin reconditioning products for damaged or unruly hair. It is safe for all hair types, will not damage or harm hair, can be used on color treated hair. Highlights and color are not affected! It works even for African American hair or hair that has been permed and relaxed.

The BEOX Acai, Chocolate and Guarana Hair Treatments are made from natural ingredients including white clay. These ingredients combined with keratin and poliquartenium rebuilds hair creating a reduced volume, a soft and shiny effect and a NATURAL LOOK for a long time. It protects hair from the damaging effects of the environment, wind, sun, cold, and everyday styling damage.You can shampoo your hair 1 hour after treatment!

Try it and you will understand why women from Morocco and Brazil have such beautiful straight hair without any dryness or brittle strands. Beox Professional is the ONLY product registered as Keratin by ANVISA and has the lowest concentration of aldehyde additives, assuring the gentlest and safest formula on the market. I personally have used this treatment and recommend it highly.

The effects of this last for approximately three to four months, after which your hair reverts to its original state.
Although some clients have commented they got a lot longer, six to nine months.

If you are still wondering whether to try the treatment or not, here are a few more reasons why you should give it a try:

* The application is fast and it saves a lot of your time each time after
* The product is safe and does not harm your hair, even if a chemical has
   treated it previously.
* It gives the user beautiful shiny smooth hair.
* You can shampoo your hair 1 hour after treatment.

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