WOMEN'S CUT                                                                             $59+                     

MEN'S CUT                                                                                    $41+

PARTIAL HI-LIGHT                                                                       $94+   

FULL HI-LIGHT                                                                             $124+

TINT TOUCH UP                                                                          $86+

BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT                                          $250+

PERMS                                                                                           $98+

SPECIAL OCCASION HAIR UP-DO                                          $65+
EYEBROW OR EYELASH TINT                                                 $15

COLOR CORRECTION                                                                Consult

EXTENSIONS                                                                                 Consult

Mention these discounts at time of booking to receive special offers
(For San Diego County Residents)
20% discount offered to first time clients
$100 discount on Beox Brazilian Keratin Treatment offered to first time clients
15% ongoing discount on rebookings

Referral Program
Refer 1 client and receive a free Haircut & Style (up to the value of $60),
Or $60 credit on any other service.
May not be combined with any other offer.
Referral must be full paying client and San Diego County resident.

If possible, don't shampoo on the day of your color. This will decrease scalp sensitivity.
If you are having highlights, feel free to shampoo.

Advanced bookings
The majority of our clients work 9 to 5. If you need an evening or weekend appointment, please book in advance. December is our busiest month of the year, and summer is our busiest season. 


Try us last minute if you would like! We occasionally have last minute cancellations.

There is a 24hr cancellation policy, please use it to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.


world class hairstyling begins with a one on one consultation, using communication as a key to assessing your individual needs.

We take into consideration your face shape, age, life style, whether you require low maintenance or high maintenance styling.

Without moving, we position you at the back wash,  giving you a blissful shiatsu shampoo scalp massage.

The right hair cut can make a permanent difference to your confidence. Let us meet and even exceed your expectations.


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